“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin 

Thank you for being here. I appreciate the courage it takes for you to seek someone to speak with about the struggles and challenges you are facing. Please feel free to browse this site and to contact me when you are ready.

The word “Dharma”, derived from Sanskrit, can mean many things. It is often seen as the path or practice of one’s true calling and living a life of peace: peace in oneself and peace in all of one’s relationships. Many people associate dharma with the practice of Buddhism, South Asian culture, and Hindu tradition.

In Buddhism, the practice of dharma is used to deal with the causes of suffering and the necessary course of action needed to be taken to undo these causes. This course of action involves leading a moral life, engaging in wholesome behaviors, and abstaining from unwholesome behaviors. Such a lifestyle keeps us out of harm’s way, and over time, brings about a purification of any negative stains brought about by our misguided past activities. Within a Western context Buddhism and other South Asian or Indian religions can be seen as applied systems of natural mental health and well-being. The end point of this path is final liberation, an undoing of all the internal causes of suffering, all the while helping others to achieve the same. This is accompanied by a profound peace of mind: nirvana.


rabia-ilahi-dharma-chakra-healingAbout Rabia Ilahi, MA, LMFT

I believe the three most important determiners of success in therapy are:

  • the relationship between the therapist and client(s),
  • a client’s desire and motivation to change, and
  • the therapist’s ability to have empathy and compassion for her client(s).

I received my Master’s Degree from the University of Houston, Clear Lake, in Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. Originally from Pakistan, I moved with my family to the United States at the age of six. I graduated from the University of Houston, Main Campus, with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. After spending several years in the business world as a technical writer, marketing and corporate communication manager, I realized my true passion was being with people, learning about their lives, their thoughts, their relationships, and what made them unique yet with the same basic desires as my Self and others.

I have worked at the world renowned Houston Galveston Institute, a not-for-profit organization, where I trained in providing clinical counseling to individuals, children, and families from very diverse populations and with challenging issues across the spectrum of mental health. Some of these issues included child abuse/neglect, suicidal thoughts/tendencies, adolescent issues, parenting/co-parenting, marital and relationship issues, and other family and individual challenges.

My life, both personal and professional, combined with years of past and continuing education and clinical experience, has taught me that almost anything is possible. I believe that we are not the sum of all the negative events in our lives, nor the sum of our mistakes or our bad decisions. Instead, human beings are resilient, strong, and deserving of love, happiness, respect, success, and joy. I offer to my clients a non-judgmental, respectful, nurturing, supportive, and safe environment to explore their lives, their dreams and futures, their challenges, and their innermost selves. My main desire is that my clients feel encouraged to heal, grow, and transform so they can have the quality of life they truly deserve. My heart’s philosophy both in and out of the therapy room is best said by Rumi:

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” ~ Rumi


Rabia’s Therapy Style

My style of therapy is eclectic. My training in Energy Psychology, Collaborative Therapy, and my postmodern holistic orientation allows me to incorporate a wide array of therapy models, including humanistic, postmodern, strategic, psychoeducational, emotionally focused, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), chakra healing, and mindfulness therapeutic techniques. My well rounded background, both in education and work, allows me to view an individual, couple, or family’s challenges in a culturally sensitive and systemic manner. I am passionate about working with teenagers, couples, families, individuals, men, women, South Asians, and the LGBT community.


Rabia’s Areas of Interest

  • Love life/dating issues
  • Marriage and couples therapy
  • Cultural integration/assimilation challenges
  • Meaning of life/spirituality issues
  • Fertility/infertility/assisted pregnancy (IVF, IUI, etc.) related issues
  • Miscarriage/stillbirth
  • Loss/grief
  • Peer pressure and self-image issues
  • Self-esteem/self-worth issues
  • Step family/blended family challenges